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by Courtney

When you’re looking to work with a blogger or social influencer, what do you look for? If you need someone who is real, can have a laugh at themselves, and creates killer content, then I’m your gal!


I love creating content that inspires others, especially considering that I am inspired by so many other travel bloggers and social influencers. My audience, while smaller than other more established bloggers and influencers, is highly engaged, and I take pride in having built my audience from scratch to what it is today. The partnership I have with my boyfriend Scott, a very talented photographer, is invaluable. His incredible photography skills, combined with my passion, writing ability and really, really ridiculous good looks, we make for a pretty awesome team!

The main goal of my blog and social influence is to help inspire my audience to live a healthy, active life full of incredible travel opportunities. I’m a firm believer in not needing endless wealth and time to be able to travel often, and I want to help my audience understand that they have the ability to travel as frequently as I do, as long as they make it a priority!

If you are a brand who thinks we’d make a good match and are interested in collaboration, here is what I can offer you:

  • An engaged social media audience of over 12,000 combined followers across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • High quality photography and videography using professional camera equipment, including underwater photography and videography.
  • Authentic and relatable voice
  • Compelling writing, using descriptive language, humour and first-person narrative.
  • Exceptional content always delivered on time and to your expectations.
  • Excellent communication to ensure you get exactly what you came for.

I also have a very strong background in Marketing and Communications, as well as Social Media Marketing. I currently work full-time as a Marketing Manager, and I also freelance in my spare time as a Social Media Manager, meaning that I have a good understanding of brand and company expectations when it comes to creating high quality, engaging content.